The SmartONE Community Platform 

The SmartONE Community Platform will act as a focal point for the resident and property manager.

It is designed to integrate all everyday services and solutions residents demand and property managers provide.

Such services include parking, parcels and main entrance access.

More to come on this exciting next-generation platform.

Services Elements

  • Consulting & Design Services – business case & economics,  design & budgets for the new infrastructure to support the solution
  • Project Management – end-to-end delivery of the solutions  
  • Implementation Services – consult, design, procure, implement, test, certify
  • Procurement Services – design & procure the products
  • Operate, Maintain, Support Services
  • Finance Services – Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, $/foot

Solution Elements

  • Networking Equipment, supplied and installed – The central nervous system for the Smart Condominium. It provides the connectivity for every digital technology element.  It can now provide the opportunity to deliver community internet and earn revenue.
  • Security cameras and access control – These systems integrate with our Smart Condominium network infrastructure.  SmartONE can provide or - work with your supplier.
  • Commax – Smart Condominium Solution – wall pads, door locks, video phones, sensors
  • Parking Controller – Provision of the solution & parking operator -
  • Package Delivery – Provision of the solution to handle package delivery - generate revenue for the community.
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) – The UPS is a battery that connects to the backup generator. It will allow the networking equipment to be resilient when there is a power interruption.