SmartONE Solutions working with brightest minds across Canada to create next generation care services

SmartONE is pleased to announce the launch of a program in collaboration with the Toronto Rehab Institute and Universities across Canada to develop and launch technologies that will provide assistive care services in the home. The program is called PATH (Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare) and we recently received approval for assistive funding to install the SmartONE solution in research labs across the country.


"We are pleased to play a key role in SmartONE’s initiative to develop, integrate and implement assistive technologies to help us manage our healthcare at home.  Our hospitals are overcrowded and we would all prefer to have our healthcare delivered at home using technologies that can help us diagnose and manage chronic diseases.  The use of single instruments alone to detect healthcare problems often leads to too many false alarms, and frustration.  We need a way to connect various instruments together so that artificial intelligence can be applied to get the right message about our home patient reliably to the right care provider at the right time.  The HomeLab at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, a member of the University Health Network, lends itself very well to the research, integration and implementation of multiple assistive care technologies.   With the support of AGE-WELL National Centre of Excellence, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is leading a team that will provide a pathway for rapid testing and commercialization of new home health products, using a new flexible home communications and automation product distributed by SmartONE".


Geoff Fernie CM, PhD, PEng, CEng, FCAHS

Creaghan Family Chair in Prevention and Healthcare Technologies
Department of Surgery, University of Toronto
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – UHN


 There are three phases to the program. Phase one is the installation of the solution at University of Toronto (which is complete), and three other universities across Canada. Researchers at each of these schools will be educated on how to use the SmartONE platform to connect sensors and utilize the messaging and database capabilities. Solutions will be developed in phase two; these products can be introduced to the growing portfolio of SmartONE buildings, allowing residents the ability to try these technologies and participate in their development. The technologies that prove successful through the trial period can be then tested at the commercialization level to verify that people see value and would pay to continue to use these solutions. The mission is to use technology to improve the quality of life and living experience of people.


“I have spent a significant amount of my time on boards at the different Colleges and Universities in search of ways to bring academia and business together, always with an intention to commercialize top Canadian research. This program is a dream come true and an opportunity to leverage the brightest machine learning and artificial intelligence experts to create real products that will improve the lives of Canadians and help solve the future challenges of an aging demographic”


Ted Maulucci, Co-Founder and President, SmartONE Solutions Inc.   


Watch for more updates on this program and as the universities are announced to expand and grow the scope of this exciting and life-changing project.

Ted Maulucci