Hello, Wall Pad!

Living in a smart condo means always being connected to your home. You can change your thermostat, let your friends into the lobby, check visitor parking, connect with the concierge, and so much more. None of this would be possible without the interconnected, touch screen wall pad in each suite.

A smart condo is made up of a few key components: a digital door lock, sensors, security cameras, and a lobby phone - but the brains of the operation is the wall pad.

The wall pad is the hub that connects all of the sensors and devices in the suite. It allows us to connect smoke detectors, leak sensors, lighting and blind control, and the flexibility to add other functions that we want to add in future. It also creates a controllable environment, where everything that is connected works, and is not subject to the software updates of loosely connected mobile app technologies – the risk of having a loosely connected collection of apps is that is it subject to the whims and updates of several companies, and it could fail. The SmartONE solution and wall pad provides the ability to centrally update all of the homes in a community, creating a reliable and consistent experience that is not dependent on an internet connection being in place.

This secure, touch screen device is designed for many years of error free operation. It is physically connected to the building’s high-speed network and won’t lose power. It is designed for convenience, security, and all-in-one connectivity. Add a smartphone to the mix, and now you have all the same functionality with the flexibility of remote access, viewing, and control.

A developer recently asked me why you need a wall pad – “Why can’t you just use your smartphone?  Simple:  You can’t lose your wall pad! Your wall pad is always home when you need it. 

  • In case of emergency, you want to know the wall pad is right there when you need it to sound an alarm, alert your family, or get help fast.

  • If your phone battery dies or you have misplaced it, the wall pad is conveniently located and won’t lose power so you never miss a visitor, a notice, or an alert.

  • A quick touch of the wall pad on the way out of your condo allows you to set the alarm to “Away” and even call the elevator for you.

  • When visitors are coming, you want to check for visitor parking spots and reserve one with license plate recognition so they can come right in.

The solution offers the ultimate in flexibility – the wall pad is always home and ready whenever you need it, while your smartphone goes with you and provides all the functionality, convenience and access at your fingertips while on the go.

The wall pad is an important and vital part of the Smart Community and condo experience. It provides a safe, secure and convenient integration with your mobile and living experience.

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