So What is a Smart Community Anyway?

According to some estimates the overall smart home market is expected to grow from USD 76.6 billion in 2018 to USD 151.4 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 12.02%. each * – truly staggering amounts.  As developers of condominium and single-family residences with expertise in the creation of inspiring living environments how can you possibly stay of top of this exploding market?  How will you make technology decisions which will support the changing demands of your Residents?

Technology is not something to be ignored as it permeates every aspect our lives. We build places for people to live and it would be ridiculous to not have some plan and strategy for how technology will improve the places where we live. It is also not a one-time thing but a constantly evolving and improving journey.

As I discussed in my last article “Smart home – the Internet is not your building network”, Click here for article, it starts with the design and engineering of a robust and future-proofed building network infrastructure. This network acts as the glue to provide Residents with the integration of smart home technologies and building managers with seamless building management tools.  But what is a Smart Community?  Why is it important and why do we need one anyway?

A Smart Community

A Smart Community quite simply is a place where residents not only have the connected convenience inside their own four walls, but extending that simplicity to the world around them, providing a more convenient, sustainable, and secure living environment.  A place where building managers and residents alike benefit from new technology with practical solutions that make their lives easier.

The exclusive purpose of SmartONE Solutions is to revolutionize the living experience in communities, offering simple and practical technologies to help manage the operations of the community and provide services and solutions to enhance day-to-day living. It has been my passion and journey for close to fifteen years and the reason I left the corporate world and have dedicated my future to bringing together construction, technology and software to create a platform for the future of living.

It is about creating places for people to live. Communities that are secure, sustainable, and convenient.


There are four main elements at the foundation of a connected community. A central architected and converged network that connects all sensors and devices in the community. Common interfaces on both wall pads and mobile apps, serving as the one location where every Resident interacts with their community. A central and common data model of the community that represents the both physical aspects and the people managing and living in the community. Finally, compute power to engage the community and use intelligence to create the next generation of services that will enhance the lives of people.

The main elements of a Smart Community


Property Management Graph

Convenience is essential to the Residents. The Residents in SmartONE powered homes are provided with both a mobile phone app and an installed wall pad interface that provides a simple way to interact with their suite and building amenities. Features include digital door locks, temperature controls, motion and security sensors, cameras, package notifications, security settings and alarms, and other services provided by the building and property manager. The key attribute of this design aspect is one app for all services, available to everyone in the community


Integrating building amenities into the system enhances the convenience for residents. Through the easy to use interface, residents can book party and business rooms, barbecue terraces, loading elevators and receive custom notifications and integrations for any other amenity that is available.


Seamless and fast access to visitor parking availability and booking, automated package lockers and notifications, and concierge services.

Property Management

Mobile and online applications allow for an overview and management of building services and have direct communication with the suite owner for building announcements, maintenance requests and other messages.

Future Smart Community articles

I invite you to review future articles describing in more detail the main elements of a Smart Community. We will also showcase examples of our developer partners and how they plan to shape the future. These are exciting times as we forge new living environments and experiences.

Ted Maulucci