Smart home – the Internet is not your building network

“I have the internet, why do I need a network?” A great question developers and engineers struggle with as they create next generation smart communities.

The heart of every smart community is a network - it is the life line and integration point for all systems in a community. Sustainability, security, and building management means connecting a variety of sensors, actuators and devices on one platform. Just as a Resident does not want a bunch of disconnected apps on their phone to control their home, a building needs a single network to create an integrated experience that allows different systems to speak together.

After serving as a Chief Information Officer for a well respected and innovative condominium developer, I often ended up in a discussion of why a building needs a network versus simply using the internet. The confusion arises from the many smart home products that were developed for single family homes, such as Ring and Nest. These technologies rely on the internet, so why can’t you do the same thing in a building? Simply because buildings are different. Homes within a community interact together with shared components and with a common management team. The network brings the community together.  We want a single experience for the Resident and not a collection of point solutions and multiple apps.

Condominium purchasers expect smart home technology, as it is part of the living experience, and as important as location, amenities and in-suite finishes. The importance of technology can’t be understated. Don’t believe me? – try turning off the WiFi in your home and see if you can make it to 15 minutes before someone yells.

If a building did not have a network, each building system would have to connect to the internet separately. Think of the impact and complexity of connecting the security and energy systems, the automated package and parking system -  all this traffic would need to be secured and routed to the internet. The Resident would also need to be connected to the internet through some method of secure aggregation in order to gain access to the building features. Why don’t we make our life easier and just connect the all the existing building networks through a central integrated and designed network?  The building operation system would also be connected to the network – and not be dependent on internet connectivity to operate.

A new approach is needed – one based on a state-of-the-art building network backbone, safe, secure and fully redundant that provides for an interconnection to building systems, in-suite communications and sensors, next generation amenities and services – all integrated by the simple touch on a mobile device.

This is not a trivial or simple exercise to complete. It took me 15 years of research, testing and selection of best-in-class technologies and countless hours working with architects, engineers and marketeers to get it right.  We call this Smart Community.  This Smart Community system is focused on one thing – Living. Simplified. – Using technology to enhance the living experience.

Smart homes connected to become a Smart Community

What we have designed, engineered, tested and implemented is North America’s first Smart Community.

It begins with collaboration with truly innovative and inspiring developers – those focused on the creation of new living experiences and communities.  We develop a detailed understanding of the developer and marketeer’s strategy for the property – we must understand the vision, location, partners and target demographic.

We next design a state-of-the-art infrastructure, which includes our technology and telecommunication partners such as Commax, Leviton and Cisco (just to name a few).  Our systems approach includes communications, amenities, parking, parcels and security.

We integrate the design into the developer core disciplines to ensure it meets the business and operational objectives. It is the fun part of the exercise to engage in discussion with the developer to use the technology and software to create new services and features that will change the way that people live.

Yes, the Internet is a big part of the smart home implementation but as you can see it is just one element to create a game-changing living experience and environment for the purchaser, their guests, and the building management organization. 

2019 – the year of Smart Community

I invite you to check out our first building at Tridel’s Ten York location and read an article posted in the Toronto Star on November 9, 2018 

We are excited to have two new outstanding and innovative developers on our team – Adi Development Group & Edenshaw Developments – poised to create fabulous experiences for residents and their guests.  See how they are amping up the living experience

I also would like to invite you to join our Smart Community Revolution - the future is here! Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask how.

Ted Maulucci